Happy Valentine’s Week List

Happy Valentine’s Week List

Happy Valentine Week 2021: The February month of the calendar is known by love month. Because only in this month has come official love festival named as Valentines Week. Valentine’s Week 2021 starts from 7th February and end on 21st February 2021. As like another year every loving couple start planning to celebrate each day of Happy Valentine’s Week 2021 in the own style. Here we provide Happy Valentine’s Week 2021 day and date with the special Day. Here you also get the Some Ideas to celebrate Happy Valentine’s Week. Valentine’s Day comes on 14 February every year and this is very special day for loving couple.

Happy Valentines Week Day & Date 2021

Name of Day Date Day
Rose Day 7 February 2021 Thursday
Propose Day 8 February 2021 Friday
Chocolate Day 9 February 2021 Saturday
Teddy Day 10 February 2021 Sunday
Promise Day 11 February 2021 Monday
Hug Day 12 February 2021 Tuesday
Kiss Day 13 February 2021 Wednesday
Valentine’s Day 14 February 2021 Thursday
Slap Day 15 February 2021 Friday
Kick Day 16 February 2021 Saturday
Perfume Day 17 February 2021 Sunday
Flirting Day 18 February 2021 Monday
Confession Day 19 February 2021 Tuesday
Missing Day 20 February 2021 Wednesday
Breakup Day 21 February 2021 Thursday

Happy Valentine Week 2021 Day 1: Rose Day – 7 February

Valentine Week begins with Rose Day. On this day people give their loved ones rose as a symbol of their love. Red roses are traditionally associated with romance; yellow roses are given to friends and family.

Valentine’s Week 2021 Day 2: Propose Day- 8 February

The second day of Valentine’s Week is known as Propose Day. This day offers a chance to propose your crush. There is no better time than this to express what is in your heart.

Happy Valentine’s Week 2021 Day 3: Chocolate Day- 9 February

If you are tempted by a crush on your proposal then do chocolate gifts to your loved ones. Chocolates and candies are centuries old gifts for the first dates, anniversaries, weddings and much more.

Valentine Week List 2021 Day 4: Teddy Day- 10 February

Girls love teddy bears very much. The boys make it a point to gift a lovable, fluffy teddy bear to their lover. This gift is sure to make your partner smile like a child.

Happy Valentine Week List 2021 Day 5: Promise Day- 11 February

Promise Day is a day of expressing your faith for your loved ones. Promotes trust in relationships. On Happy Promise Day, lovers promise loyalty, solidarity, and endless affection for each other.

Valentine Week List 2021 Day 6: Hug Day – 12 February

A hug is better than a thousand love words. On this day, loving people tend to hug each other to express their love. People also embrace their parents, siblings, and friends on this day.

Valentine’s Week 2021 Day 7: Kiss Day- 13 February

People in love often say that smiling is the second best thing that can happen with lips, in which kissing is the first thing to happen. Kiss between a couple also marks their love, affection, and their respect for each other.

Happy Valentine Week 2021 Day 8: Day of Love Valentine’s Day- 15 February

The big day – when love is in the air. On this day, people go out on dates and spend quality time with each other. Many lovebirds also plan, or at least talk about, marriage on this very day.

We are also wishing that you will celebrate this Love Festival 2021 full of joy and Happiness with your Life partner and Lover by Exchanging best Valentine’s Day Gift for BF and Valentine’s Day Gift for Her.

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